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Inflatable Planetarium tent

8m portable projection inflatable planetarium tent

Material:1 layers Projection dome material
Size:8m diameter
MOQ:1 pc

    Introduction: Inflatable 360 Movie Projection dome Tent / Planetarium Domes

    inflatable planetarium dome
    1.Once inside the dome, audiences first see unique flocked-grey interior “walls.” When the projection system is turned on, those inflatable walls do double duty by acting as a superior projection surface for movies and star fields. The surface displays images impeccably, for a sharp, detailed visual.
    2. A dome is set up for more than one day or even as a temporary theater in museums or other public spaces such as malls, lobbies, and common areas. Ring domes have been made in sizes ranging from 4-meter domes fitting in trade shows or classrooms with tall ceilings to 8-meter portable theaters.
    3. The Digital Dome comes in 5, 6, and 7-meter sizes and is designed for use with Digital or Analog projectors. The interior consists of a plush gray surface which is ideal for Digital projections.

    Material (pvc thickness ) 1 layers Projection dome material 
    Size   8m diameter Or Customerized size
    Printting: Digital printing with UV protection Oil , We can offer the suitable printing way as per customized request.
    Suitable year range children and adults 
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